Morning sessions:

9.00-9.30Registration and Welcome Coffee
9.30-10.00Y. Kupriyanov, I. Belousov (SAP Next-Gen)Welcome the participants
10.00-10.30Dmitry Krasyukov, COO SAP CISX+O strategy on CIS Market
10.30-11.00Conference chairsOpening the conference
11.00-11.30S.Fedyai (IMBP)Design Thinking in isolation experiment
11.30-12.00J.Becker (ERCIS)Digital Transformation
12.00-12.30V. Taratukhin (SAP, ERCIS)Design thinking and innovations
12.30-13.00M.Matveev (Voronezh State University)Voronezh State University – science and projects
13.00-13.30N.Golovin, A.Ambrazhey (ACK SAP)ACK SAP

Afternoon sessions:

Time Speaker Topic
14.30-14.50 E.Vasilieva, E.Deeva (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) Development of Leadership Institute and Personnel Landscape in conditions of Digital Transformation
14.50-15.10 T.Tochilkina, O.Dolganova (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) Design thinking in the development of an approach to process transformation
15.10-15.30 O.Larin (Russian University of Transport), F.D.Vende (Financial University), I.Pustochina (Russian Economics University) Improvement of the procurement planning methods
15.30-15.50 D.Nazarov, A.Kokovihin, A.Morozova (Ural State University of Economics) SAP Analytic Cloud: a tool for the formation of professional competencies of business analyst
15.50-16.10 K.Dudkovskaya (Higher School of Economics) Towards predictive maintenance adaptive solutions
16.10-16.30 Y.Yadgarova (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) Methods for design software architecture for IoT projects

Evening activities:

17.00-17.30Recognition and Awards of SAP Next-Gen and SAP University Alliances members